Bringing back the magick

Merry Meet and Welcome magickal friends..

Thank you for joining in on our new adventures. This is such an incredibly exciting time. New beginnings in the form of  a little note book that will be worked on to help all our magickal friends in the Southern Hemisphere add a pinch of Season’d Magick to their day as they meander their way through the seasons of the year.

From recipes and crafts of the season that can include the whole family, to a little personal look into your own form of divination. The hope is to bring all these wonders together and remind you how easy it is to bring back the magick into the mundane.IMG_733593006128885

So let us get to it then shall we…

Goddess of many faces, please bless this blog as we grow and enhance those magickal friends around us as they choose to read its posts and updates. As our relationship with you grows through the seasons and years I ask that you guide us with your grace, love and blessings.

Thank you and once again special friends… Welcome!

The Season’d Witch